Kid's Ministry
We know why you’re here. You’re wondering if this place is a fit for your kids.


Christian Life Kids Ministry is a part of Christian Life Church Family Ministry that strives to partner with all families to train up children to trust, love and serve God. We provide safe, secure and enjoyable experiences whereby each child can begin to discover their personal relationship WITH Christ and their unique purpose IN Christ. As the anchor of a child's spiritual formation, we foster family relationships as well as consistent small groups, mentors and peer friendships. We continually re-examine, re-imagine and re-create the best methods of communicating the truth of God's word in age-appropriate and culturally relevant ways. 

We do this so that kids will be able to understand and apply truth easily within the context of their own lives. With the understanding that loving God is inseparable from loving one's neighbor, we work with with families to inspire and guide their children to elevate their local and global community. 

We accomplish all of this by nurturing a team whereby each member recognizes, embraces and acts from within their unique gifting. Above all, NOTHING that we do will be outside the truth of the love and life of Jesus Christ, for this IS a broken world and we are a part of a larger story in which we are responsible for helping to bring the Kingdom of God. . . Here. . . NOW!